Domicile rule implemented in Jammu & Kashmir

Pakistan, PDP and National Conference oppose implementation

People from other States living in Kashmir for 15 years will be granted citizenship as per the Domicile rule. This is why the political parties of Pakistan and Kashmir are against its implementation. It is clear that they cannot stand Hindus coming to Kashmir.

Srinagar (J & K) – New Domicile rule has been implemented in Jammu & Kashmir. According to this new rule, any person who has been living in J&K for the past 15 years, and those who have completed their X and XII standard examinations from local institutions will be considered citizens of J&K.

Fifteen days have been given for issuing a Domicile Certificate to the eligible individuals in place of Permanent Resident Certificate (PRC). According to this rule, refugees from West Pakistan, Valmikis and children of women married in other States will get Domicile Certificates.

Political parties of Kashmir, such as PDP and National Conference are against this and are demanding a rollback.

Pakistan’s Foreign Ministry has said, “The Domicile rule implemented in Kashmir by India is completely illegal. India has violated the agreement of the United Nations Security Council between the two Nations”.