Frenzied reaction by Pakistan Government

Ridiculous statement by Pakistan : ‘Despite Corona epidemic, BJP and RSS has started construction of Ram Mandir, propagating Hindu Agenda’

Pakistan need not advise India. It should focus on the atrocities on minorities and protect them.

New Delhi – ‘While the world fights with Corona pandemic, BJP and RSS are pushing the Hindu agenda. Commencing construction of Ram Mandir on the land of Babri Masjid is one such step. Pakistan Government strongly protests this action,’ tweeted Pakistan’s Foreign Ministry.

In response to the Tweet, Milind Parande, General Secretary, VHP, said, “Minorities of Pakistan are victims of atrocities. This is a defeat of Pakistan. A country meting out injustice to its minorities and daring to speak about our judicial system is absurd.” The construction of Ram Mandir on the land of Shri Ram’s birth place has begun only after the verdict of the Supreme Court of India.