“Christian missionaries are converting Hindus, what can I do ?” – Irresponsible statement by MP Raghu Rama Krishna Raju of YSRCP

Staunch Christian Jaganmohan Reddy is the Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh. Hence, it is no surprise that Ministers of his party, like Raghu Krishna Raju, makes such irresponsible statements !

Hindus should unite very strongly to prevent the State of AP become ‘Christian Pradesh’ when the Government is full of public representatives who openly support the Evangelists !

If the public representative of a State in secular India makes such a statement, is it in accordance with the rule of democracy ? Realise this that those who oppose the reconversion, do not oppose the statements of Raghu Krishna Raju  !

Hyderabad (AP) – MP Raghu Rama Krishna Raju of YSRCP, the ruling party in AP, said in an irresponsible statement, “If the missionaries are converting Hindus to Christians using money,  what can I do?” He said this on 25th May on a debate organised by Times Now news channel. By making such a statement at a public event, MP Raghu Krishna Raju has openly supported the ongoing conversions in Andhra Pradesh. When the news anchor asked him, “Does this mean that you admit that conversions are going on at a large scale in Andhra Pradesh ?” Raghu Krishna Raju justified himself and said, “I didn’t mean to say this, I meant this is happening throughout the country. Government has no role in it. Missionaries are doing it using their money power and they are using money for this purpose.” (Despite knowing everything, the AP Government doesn’t take action against such missionaries, on the contrary, there is an effort to support them and take their side. It is clear that the Government, public representatives and the missionaries are all together in this ! – Editor)

In the debate, the anchor asked him, “It is illegal to convert by the power of money, what are you doing in this context ?” Raghu Krishna Raju repeatedly said that India is a secular country. Then the anchor had to tell that “India might be a secular country, but converting with the power of money is still illegal.” (Those who glorify the constitution at other times forget the important aspects of the constitution ! Who will believe that being a MP, Raghu Krishna Raju is unaware of it ? – Editor) Earlier, allegations have been made against the Government of Jaganmohan Reddy that the Government has encouraged conversions. Experts have expressed concerns that if no action is taken against the ongoing conversions in Andhra Pradesh, then it could take a violent form.