Congress deceives UP Government and labourers in the name of providing 1000 buses

Priyanka Vadra criticised harshly by a woman Congress MLA !

It is commendable that now Congressmen are revealing the true nature of Congress !

It comes to light once again that the fraudulent Congress, who was in power for the longest period has committed so much fraud with the people !

Lucknow (UP) – The war of words was going on between BJP and Congress over the issue of buses arranged by Congress for migrant labourers, and now Congress MLA Aditi Singh from Raebareli has harshly criticised Priyanka Vadra. The row erupted when Priyanka Vadra offered to provide 1000 buses for migrant labourers, on behalf of Congress. The CM Yogi Aditya Nath accepted the offer and asked Congress to submit the list, names of drivers and cleaners etc. Congress had given this information but later it turned out that the details of the vehicles submitted to the State Government show that many vehicles were not buses. Many of them were two-wheelers, tempos and even ambulance vans. Also, it was revealed that some of them were numbers of scrap junk vehicles. In this context, Congress MLA Aditi Singh has criticised them.

  1. MLA Aditi Singh has tweeted, “What is the need of such low politics at this time of disaster ? They gave a list of 1000 buses, in this too, more than half of the registration numbers of the buses are fake, 297 are junk buses, 98 are auto-rickshaws and vehicles like ambulances. Sixty-eight vehicles are without permits. What a cruel joke on migrants is this ? If they had buses then why did not they send them to Rajasthan, Punjab and Maharashtra ?”
  2. Aditi Singh further said, “Where were the so-called buses, when thousands of students from UP were stranded in Kota (Rajasthan) ? The Congress Government there could not get these children back home, could not even leave them at the border. On the contrary, Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath sent these students to their homes at the night itself; which was also praised by the Chief Minister of Rajasthan.”