Now, online grocery outlet ‘Big Basket’ to sell ‘Jhatka’ meat as well with ‘Halal’

Effect of public protest !

The Government should break the dread of ‘Halal-certified’ products.

Mumbai – Recently, Big Basket, an online grocery outlet had announced that it will sell only ‘Halal’ meat. This created an uproar in social media. Is Big Basket catering only to Muslims ? Is it compelling others to eat ‘Halal’ meat ? Is India a Sharia country ? Customers raised these questions. Now Big Basket has agreed to provide ‘Jhatka’ meat also.

What is ‘Halal’ and ‘Jhatka”?

President of ‘Jhatka Certification Authority’ Mr. Ravi Ranjan Singh explained that the process of killing animals in the Indian and Sikh tradition is called ‘Jhatka’. In this process, the animal is beheaded in one stroke on the neck. This way the animal does not suffer. In the ‘Halal’ method, an artery near the neck is cut slightly and the animal is left to die. A lot of blood is shed and death is very painful. The head of the animal must point towards Mecca while cutting the artery. Only Muslims can kill the animal with ‘Halal’ and carry out skinning the animal and other processes. Only Muslims get employed in this profession. This is an injustice to other religions.