Indian smartphone maker Lava plans to shift production to India

Because of coronavirus many establishments will move from China to other places and some of them will also come to India; but at the same time, the Government should take care that these establishments will not take all the profits from India to their country, rather spend more profits in India !

New Delhi – Lava International, a mobile phone manufacturing company, has announced that it will close its business in China and relocate to India. For this, the establishment will invest Rs 800 crore in India for the next 5 years.

Hari Om Rai, President and Managing Director of Lava International, said, “We have 600 to 650 employees in China in the field of product design.

We have now taken this work to India. The need for sales of products will be met from factories in India. We were previously distributing our mobile phone sets worldwide from China; but now we are going to do it from India.