100% immaculate Hindi was used in the teleseries ‘Ramayana’

New Delhi – In the year 1987, an immensely popular teleseries ‘Ramayana’ by Ramanand Sagar was aired on Doordarshan. Immaculate Hindi was used in this series. Currently, the Hindi we use to speak and write consists of a lot of Urdu, as well as Persian words, and it was used earlier as well; however,  100% pure Hindi was used in ‘Ramayana’. Sunil Lahri, who portrayed the character of Lakshman in the series gave this information to Aaj Tak news channel.

Lahri further said, “Before the shoot of the episode, we used to rehearse for the scenes. The dialogues given to us were in pure Hindi. We were not used to such immaculate language, so it was difficult for us. We used to practice the pronunciations many times so that it would not difficult during shoots. We did face certain difficulties in pronouncing some words. The most important thing was that during the live shoot we always feared what if any Urdu word was accidentally said while delivering the dialogue”.