Government of Maharashtra to try Ayurvedic treatment for Corona patients

Mumbai – Ayurvedic treatments on corona have been successful in Punjab, Madhya Pradesh, Kerala and Goa. So the State Government has also decided to apply Ayurvedic treatment for corona patients in Maharashtra as well. For this, the Government has appointed Dr. Tatyarao Lahane, Dean of Grant Medical College, and a task force has been formed under his chairmanship. The committee will decide the rules on how to treat patients with Ayurvedic treatment. Also, related Ayurvedic medicines will be delivered to all corners of Maharashtra.

This task force consists of 8 Ayurvedic doctors. Former Mayor of Mumbai Municipal Corporation Dr. Shubha Raul is also in this committee. There are a total of 66,000 Ayurvedic doctors in the State out of which only 33,000 doctors practice Ayurvedic treatment. These physicians will be appointed to treat mild and hypertensive patients at the corona patients’ hospitals. About this, Dr. Shubha Raul expressed confidence that corona can be overcome by treating the citizens with home quarantine and institutional quarantine using Ayurvedic methods, if need be in the future.

We will treat corona patients if permitted by the Government ! – Balayogi Shri Sadanand Maharaj, Shri Tungareshwar Parvat, Vasai, Palghar.

Research on coronavirus treatment is underway by Nityananda Pharmacy at our Centre using plants for treatment. If the Government allows, we will treat patients with corona, as well as prepare Ayurvedic medicines. With the availability of facilities and manpower from the Government, thousands of patients can be treated at the same time, said Shri Sadanand Maharaj, Balayogi from Shri Tungareshwar Parvat in Vasai (Palghar District) to the representative of Dainik Sanatan Prabhat.

Balayogi Shri Sadanand Maharaj has already sent a letter to the Central and State Governments seeking permission to treat coronavirus patients. (The Government should immediately consider those coming forward to provide Ayurvedic treatment for corona and give them an opportunity. It will encourage other Ayurvedic doctors to come forward too  ! – Editor)