It was not a boy but a girl who told to abuse sexually !

Case of Delhi school children involved in obscene talks on Instagram

New Delhi –  A shocking news has come to the light in the inquiry conducted by the Delhi Police that school children made obscene ‘chat’ on a group called “Bois Locker Room” created on social media called Instagram. It was found out that, a girl who pretended to be boy opened a fake account on Snapchat in the name of Sidharth and asked another boy if he would like to commit sexual abuse.

The boy had closed the dialogue by refusing to commit such an abusive act. As per the information given by the Police, the boy and the girl who had created a fake account live in the same area. The girl opened a fake account in the name of Sidharth because she wanted to check out the character of the boy.

The Police has already sought the information of all the members in this group from Instagram. The identity of the members of the group is being verified. The Delhi Police have also informed that action is being taken under the “Juvenile Justice Act” on the minor members.