A Police case filed in Kerala against Sudhir Chaudhary, editor-in-chief, Zee News for elaborating the types of ‘Jihad’

This is the result of exposing ‘Land Jihad’  of thousands of acres  in Jammu.

Is this Pakistan to file a case for affirmation of ‘Jihad’?

Is this not an assault on freedom of the press ? Why is the so-called freedom of expressionist and secular press silent ? Do they also feel that to mention ‘Jihad formulae’ is an offence ?

It doesn’t make sense that based on a news of Jammu a case is filed in Kerala. Hindu malevolent Government of Kerala acts swiftly and can imprison a patriotic and loyal Hindu reporter, is the basic reason to file a case in Kerala. The Hindus are not fools and understand this tactic.

New Delhi – A non-bailable case has been filed in Kerala against Sudhir Chaudhary – Editor-in-chief of Zee News. Chaudhary himself elaborated the details. The charge sheet states, ‘On 11th March, Sudhir Chaudhary insulted Muslims in the TV programme DNA on Zee News.’ In the programme, Chaudhary a table of various types of Jihad.

Will you imprison if someone even utters the word  ‘Jihad’ ? – Sudhir Chaudhary

After the FIR against him, Chaudhary said, ‘Is it an offence in India to present matter about ‘Jihad’ ? Is it a crime to tell about ‘Land Jihad’ ? Will you imprison someone for merely mentioning ‘Jihad’ ?’

A case was filed for showing ‘Land Jihad’ scam in Jammu.

Sudhir Chaudhary, while explaining about the types of Jihad in his programme, had exposed how the religious fanatics in Jammu are misusing ‘Roshni Act’ to carry out ‘Land Jihad’. Religious fanatics had encroached upon thousands of acres of Government land. Subsequent Governments made ‘Roshni Act’ to legalise this encroachment. Religious fanatics became the owner of thousands of acres of Government land. The conspiracy was to convert Hindu majority Jammu town into a Muslim majority. A case was filed against this conspiracy in the High Court of J&K. High Court passed an order to squash the ‘Roshni Act’ and ordered a probe into the land scam. (If a journalist tries to analyse the scam in the news based on High Court’s decision, and draws conclusions, and if a case is filed against the journalist is surely an attack on journalism. – Editor)