Delhi minority commission chairman Zafarul-Islam Khan spews poison – “The day Indian Muslims complain to the Arab world there will be an avalanche”

Many Gulf Countries have already refused to interfere in internal affairs of India. Therefore, the religious fanatics in India are living in fool’s paradise if they think that the Islamic countries will rush to their help.

The Muslims in India, despite availing all the facilities here are falsely alleging that they are under attack and trying to win sympathy from Islamic nations. They are supported in their efforts by bigot secularists.

New Delhi – Delhi Minority Commission Chairman Zafarul-Islam Khan said on a Facebook post ‘The day Indian Muslims complain to the Arab and Muslim world about the hate campaigns across the country, there will be an avalanche for Hindutva bigots. He raked up controversy as he thanked Arab nations for their support to Indian Muslims when “Hindutva bigots” calculated that Muslim and Arab world would not care about the persecution of Muslims in India.

He further said that ‘the bigots forgot that Indian Muslims enjoy huge goodwill in the eyes of the Arab and Muslim world’ for their services over centuries to Islamic causes, excellence in Islamic and Arabic scholarship, cultural and civilisational gifts to world heritage. They think that due to commercial interests, Arab countries would not bother about the safety of Muslims in India.

The DMC chairman also counted names like Shah Waliullah Dehlavi, Iqbal, Abul Hasan Nadwi, Wahiduddin Khan and Zakir Naik, who – according to him – are “respected household names in the Arab and Muslim world’.

Zafarul-Islam Khan made the above statement based on the anti-India posts spread from social media and also thanked Kuwait in his post. Actually, Kuwait had clarified that the anti-India spread in social media is false and will not affect the friendship between Kuwait and India.