Lockdown became a total failure during Ramadan

The Police are inactive despite violations of social distancing and lockdown !

Earlier, a large number of Tablighi Jamaat members were found hidden in the mosques, Namaz in large groups was being offered in many places despite lockdown and the Policemen were attacked when they tried to stop such violations. Despite such experiences, why did the Police not taken proper precautions to check violations of lockdown and other rules during the period of Ramadan ?

Hindus had not celebrated their important festivals like Holi, Rangapanchami, Hanuman Jayanti, Akshayya Tritiya, etc. publicly due to the outbreak of coronavirus. Neglecting such emergency situation; however, if the religious fanatics break all rules to celebrate their festival thereby pushing the country and countrymen in deeper trouble, the Central and State Governments need to take strict action against them !

New Delhi – The lockdown is imposed in the country; however, as soon as Ramadan started, open breach of the lockdown is witnessed in many Muslim-majority areas of the country. The news channels aired many incidents such as Muslims crowding streets to buy fruits and other food items for breaking roza in the evening. Huge crowds are seen in Muslim-majority areas of cities such as Dehli’s Chandni Chowk, Surat in Gujarat, Betul in Madhya Pradesh, Mangaluru in Karnataka, etc., however no action is taken by the local Police against them. (The Police inaction is once again visible while rules of lockdown and social distancing are being violated. Therefore a question arises whether the laws are only for Hindus. The Central Government should seek clarification from the States in this context. – Editor)