Radiant thoughts of Paratpar Guru (Dr.) Athavale

Western culture and Hindu culture

Western culture strives to give pleasure to the body, mind and intellect, while Hindu culture shows way to God-realisation.

Hopping political parties

There are thousands of people who hop political parties for selfish reasons; however, the idea of hopping sects never comes to the minds of self-sacrificing sectarians !

Why do rationalists dwell in ignorance ?

Since rationalists have no curiosity, they dwell in ignorance, meaning, the minimal knowledge they have acquired. They cannot learn anything deeper than that.

Why self-governance is not good governance ?

Self-governance does not necessarily denote good governance because the rule of Raja-Tama-oriented people can never provide good governance. India has experienced this in the past 72 years.

The difference between Spirituality and ‘scientific temper’

Spirituality tells us how to realise Supreme God, while some people of a so-called ‘scientific temper’, meaning, rationalists shout ‘There is no God’ !

Why Hindus must perform spiritual practice ?

Since Hindus have forgotten how to perform spiritual practice, despite spiritual strength being superior to physical and psychological strength, a small number of religious fanatics and the British could control (and rule) the whole of India within a few years. To avoid recurrence of this historical fact, it is very important for Hindus to perform spiritual practice.

Why sacrifice the body, mind and wealth ?

For God-realisation, one has to sacrifice the body, mind and wealth. Therefore, instead of wasting life to obtain wealth, we should also sacrifice our body and mind along with wealth and perform satseva; then, God-realisation will become faster.

Difference between vyashti and samashti goals

The goal of a vyashti (personal) life of sattvik individuals is God-realisation, while the goal of samashti (Society) life is Ramrajya !

Who wants to serve the Nation & Dharma ?

To make more and more money for the sake of enjoyment in life, everyone happily works overtime; however, no one is willing to perform satseva (Spiritual service) even for an hour to serve the Nation & Dharma !

What happens to the name and work of individuals ?

The name and work of individuals who spend their lives giving spiritual discourses, lectures and texts about current subjects is recognised till they are alive. As against this, the name and work of those who conduct research are known to many generations.

Fate of Communist Hindus in Bengal and Kerala !

Muslims do not believe in Communism; whereas, atheist Hindus become Communists. Hence, Hindus do not obtain God’s blessings. Such Hindus are abundant in Bengal and Kerala. Consequently, the fate of Hindus in these States has become pitiable !

When aspiration for God develops due to spiritual practice, aspiration for worldy matters disappear. As a result, envy, jelousy or hatred as well aloofness, quarrels disappear.

Instead of wasting life to obtain wealth, we should sacrifice our body, mind & wealth and perform satseva; then, God-realisation will be faster !