Take the following autosuggestions to face the adverse situation that has been created due to ‘Coronavirus’ courageously and to experience God’s grace !

Currently, the highly contagious coronavirus has spread rapidly and widely throughout the world. Consequently, people’s lives have been completely disrupted and essential commodities are in shortage. A psychological study indicates that as a result of this calamity, mental problems have increased by 20%, and many are suffering from stress, worry, etc.

Nowadays, most people do not perform spiritual practice and abide by Dharma (Righteousness) in daily life; therefore, in adverse conditions, they become mentally weak and helpless. The best solution to face difficult situations and increase the mental strength is to use the autosuggestion method and give appropriate perspectives to the mind. Given ahead is information on what autosuggestions can be given to the mind  in the current situation.

1. Various incorrect thoughts and autosuggestions to reduce them

1A. Incorrect thought : Considering the current situation, the mind has become unstable and I feel sad (Not able to accept the situation)

1A 1. Autosuggestion : Whenever I feel sad by the current adverse situation that has been created due to ‘Coronavirus’, I will become aware of the fact that this is happening as per God’s wish and through this situation, God is preparing everyone mentally to face the coming adverse times. Thus, I will introspect upon what God is teaching me through it.

1B. Incorrect thought : Feeling that, it is difficult to perform spiritual practice in such an adverse situation.

1B 1. Autosuggestion : Whenever I feel that it is difficult to perform spiritual practice in the adverse situation, I will realise that even in the current situation I can make mind-level efforts such as Personality defects and Ego removal, efforts to awaken spiritual emotion, etc. to enhance the quality of my spiritual practice. As the value of time multiplies manifold during the adverse times when compare to the favourable times, and the benefits of efforts are also manifold, I will make efforts by staying positive.

1C. Incorrect thought : I am wasting important days of life by staying at home.

1C 1. Autosuggestion : Whenever I get a thought that ‘I am wasting important days of my life by staying at home’, I will realise that, at present, the Government has declared a lockdown and ordered the citizens to stay at home; therefore, it is my spiritual practice to fully abide by this order, and I will ask the responsible seekers about the vyashti and samashti efforts I can make from home.

1D. Incorrect thought : I am very bored staying at home all the time.

1D 1. Autosuggestion : Whenever I get a thought that ‘I am very bored staying at home all the time’, I will realise that my spiritual practice will also take place if I perform household chores as my satseva. Besides, the Guru expects me to make vyashti efforts such as Personality defects and Ego removal, awakening spiritual emotion and performing spiritual remedies, as also the possible samashti efforts. Hence I will sincerely try my best.

1E. Incorrect thought : Feeling afraid that, ‘If I get infected with the coronavirus, I will die’.

1E 1. Autosuggestions :

A. Whenever I get a thought that I may die if I get infected with coronavirus, I will realise that majority of patients recover within days by taking necessary precautions, thus I will stay positive and take all the necessary care to avoid getting infected.

B. Whenever I get feel that ‘I may die if I get infected with coronavirus’, I will realise that, God decides on the time of death; therefore, a person can die from any reason and not only because of the Coronavirus, and I will focus on my spiritual practice to make my life meaningful.

1F. Incorrect thought : Feeling stressed that ‘I don’t have enough mental strength to face such a difficult situation’.

1F 1. Autosuggestion : Whenever I feel stressed that ‘I don’t have enough mental strength to face such a difficult situation’, I will realise that the ever compassionate God is with me in good as well as difficult situations. He will increase my mental strength by guiding me about what I need to do specifically in adverse situations. Thus, I will have strong faith in God.

2. Details on taking autosuggestions and efforts required for autosuggestions to reach the subconscious mind

2A. The duration and frequency of autosuggestions

If you have any of the abovementioned incorrect thoughts, tension or worry, take the related autosuggestion for 15 days or until such thoughts reduce. These autosuggestion sessions should be performed 5 times a day. Take one autosuggestion 5 times during each session. Autosuggestions can be taken for any other incorrect thoughts which cause stress, tension, worry, etc.

2B. Concentrate while taking autosuggestions and experience reduction of inappropriate thoughts within a short period : Many people have experienced that by taking autosuggestions on achieving concentration, the suggestions imprint sanskars (Subconscious impressions), and tensions and worries reduce within a short period. Therefore, take autosuggestions with concentration. If the autosuggestion session has not been taken with concentration due to unnecessary thoughts, they can be read from the paper you have written them on. This will automatically reduce the attention to unnecessary thoughts, and the autosuggestion sessions will be effective. Be careful not to disturb others by reading out the autosuggestions loudly.

(To eliminate psychological problems, taking autosuggestion is a part of the process for removal of personality defects. Detailed information on the entire process for removal of personality defects is provided in Sanatan’s Text – ‘Removal of Personality defects and Ego [Volume 7]’)

O’ Seekers ! Since there is no other alternative to spiritual practice to survive the adverse times, instil the importance of spiritual practice on the mind and perform spiritual practice with spiritual emotion and yearning and become eligible for the Guru’s grace !’

– Sadguru (Mrs.) Binda Singbal, Sanatan Ashram, Ramnathi, Goa.

Take the following autosuggestion if the mind is restless due to worry, stress, etc. associated with the adverse situation !

1. Autosuggestion to remind the mind to take autosuggestions

Whenever my mind is disturbed / or I will start worrying due to the current situation, I will realise that by taking appropriate relevant autosuggestions, I can overcome my thoughts quickly. Thus, I will give relevant autosuggestions to the mind with assurance.

2. Take the following autosuggestion to increase enthusiasm and positivity of the mind !

A few years ago, Paratpar Guru (Dr.) Athavale had guided us on the coming adverse times. He had also conveyed the effective remedies to face them. I am very fortunate to receive guidance from such an Omniscient and Seer Guru. Hence, I will make ardent efforts to perform spiritual practice as expected by Him.

As a result of this autosuggestion, gratitude towards the Guru will be created and efforts to perform spiritual practice will start taking place enthusiastically.

If it is not possible to make any other effort due to the instability of the mind, then it would be necessary to take autosuggestions No. 1 and 2 (Repeating them 5 times each).

Read the following autosuggestions to increase faith in God !

If one has faith in God, one can get the strength to survive any calamity. To increase faith, read selected autosuggestions which will be acceptable to our subconscious mind 3 times daily from the autosuggestions given ahead. If all the autosuggestions are acceptable to the subconscious mind, read any 2 of them 3 times daily.

A. The only remedy to face and survive the adverse times is to have faith in God. Due to faith, an impenetrable protective sheath of God will be created around me.

B. I have complete faith in the proverb – ‘Whatever God does, He does for our good’.

C. Once a Guru accepts a disciple, He never abandons that disciple in any birth. When such is the greatness of the Guru, I am fortunate to get the opportunity to perform spiritual practice under the guidance of Paratpar Guru (Dr.) Athavale. Hence, I should perform spiritual practice without any worry.

D. So far in my spiritual practice, I have had spiritual experiences that Paratpar Guru (Dr.) Athavale has protected me and my family in all difficult situations.

E. Sanatan’s seekers are performing spiritual practice under the protective shelter of Paratpar Guru (Dr.) Athavale. This is the safest place in the Universe. A protective sheath of Paratpar Guru (Dr.) Athavale’s grace / Chaitanya is around all seekers. Even a sub-microscopic virus cannot touch any seeker.

F. If steadfast faith like that of Bhakta Prahlad is created in my heart, even the most adverse situation cannot impact my subconscious mind. My mind will remain blissful, stable and in constant communion with God.