Chanting and other spiritual remedies for those who chant for samashti as well as for seekers to overcome samashti level distress from 1.4.2020 to 30.6.2020

1. Name-strips to be placed on various chakras

Whether the Name-strip touching the body should be with the front facing the outer side (meaning, nirgun) or the inner side (meaning, sagun) is given ahead

Chakra Name-strip Name-strip should be sagun or nirgun ? Name-strip should be sagun or nirgun ?
Front side (Note 1) Back side (Note 2)
1. Sahasrar Nirgun Nirgun (Note 3)
2. Vishuddha Nirgun Sagun Nirgun

Note 1 – ‘Front side’ means the front side of the body associated with the chakra.

Note 2 – ‘Back side’ means the back side of the body associated with the chakra.

Note 3 – Only one place is there on the middle of the head which is associated with the Sahasrar-chakra. The Name-strip should be placed there (as shown above).

2. Chanting

The severity of adverse times is on the rise now. As per the significance of time, at an average, 70% of the distress seekers face is at the samashti (Society) level and 30% is at the vyashti (Individual) level.

2A. For seekers who sit for spiritual remedies : Such seekers should devote 70% time (of the total for chanting) to chanting the Name found out according to the ‘Pranashakti flow system’, any other Name advised or Mantrajap. They should devote 30% time to chanting ‘Nirgun’ for the samashti.

If you do not benefit from the chanting even after 2-3 weeks or if it has not been possible to find out suitable remedies because of severe distress, ask Saints or seekers who are above the spiritual level of 60%.

2B. For seekers who do not sit for spiritual remedies : Such seekers should devote the entire day to chanting ‘Nirgun’. If they face any distress, they should chant what is advised as spiritual remedy for the requisite time as per the severity of the distress while sitting (Note), and in the remaining time, they should chant ‘Nirgun’.

Note : If the distress is less, remedies should be performed 1-2 hours; for medium and severe distress, remedies should be performed for 3-4 and 5-6 hours.

2C. Saints and seekers chanting for samashti : Some Saints chant for some hours for samashti. Some seekers who are at a spiritual level above 60% chant for eliminating the obstacles faced due to negative energies during Hindu Rashtra Jagruti Sabhas, agitations, etc. They should chant ‘Nirgun’ during this period.

3. Nyas

For eliminating distress at the samashti level, do nyas (Focusing of energy flow through the medium of the fingers / palms) as given ahead while chanting ‘Nirgun’ when performing activities or when sitting at a specific place.

Do nyas by placing one palm parallel to the Anahat-chakra and the other palm parallel to the Manipur-chakra (facing the chakras). The palms should be 1-2 cms. away from the spot of nyas. If the nyas is done on Sahasrar-chakra and Vishuddha-chakra on which the Name-strips for remedies have been put, it will not protect the whole body from attacks at the samashti level. If nyas is done at the Anahat-chakra and Manipur-chakra, the whole body will be protected.

– H.H. (Dr.) Mukul Gadgil (13.2.2020)