Understand the importance of practical and experience-oriented matter in Sanatan’s Texts !

Sanatan’s seekers write practical aspects and spiritual experiences they have had while performing spiritual practice and satseva (Spiritual service). These write-ups appear in Sanatan’s Texts as the seekers have written. Hence, these contain words that are regularly used in the context of spiritual practice, such as vyashti sadhana (Individual spiritual practice), samashti sadhana (Spiritual practice for the spread of Spirituality), etc., satseva related words such as satsang (Holy company), group discussions and words related to activities such as campaigns to spread Spirituality, distribution of Daily Sanatan Prabhat, etc. The Texts also contain Divine Knowledge received by the seekers, which is enriched with Chaitanya (Divine consciousness). The write-ups are published as they are so that the flow or its Chaitanya does not diminish.

Most books on Spirituality are theoretical, whereas these write-ups are practical.

Since these write-ups are experience-oriented, they are more appropriate for spiritual practice. Spirituality is a science of practice. The spiritually curious who read Sanatan’s Texts must commence spiritual practice immediately after reading these to experience Spirituality. Only then they will obtain the true benefits from reading these. Many seekers have progressed spiritually after reading Sanatan’s Texts and practicing what they have learnt. Those who are curious about Spirituality too can progress spiritually by understanding the Sanatan’s Texts and performing spiritual practice accordingly. If they do not understand any aspect given in the Text, they can get it clarified from Sanatan’s seekers or ask the seeker conducting Sanatan’s satsangs nearby. Alternatively, they can look up the ‘Contact Us’ page in the Texts to get in touch with a seeker. If the spiritually curious regularly attend satsangs and chant, perform satseva, etc. they will easily understand these Texts.
– Paratpar Guru (Dr.) Athavale