Corruption in India rises amongst 180 countries : Transparency International report’s findings

Education on moral values and education on Dharma are essential to eradicate corruption. Thus, establishing Hindu Rashtra (Nation) is necessary ! Nationalists expect that the Government will make laws so that the corrupt are looked down upon in society !

New Delhi – Transparency International has published an updated list of least-to-most corrupt countries based on the ‘Corruption Index 2019’. In the list of 180 countries, India slipped to 80th place in 2019 from 78th place in 2018.

In this list, Denmark and New Zealand have least corruption, whereas Somalia, Sudan & Syria have the highest corruption.

According to the world corruption index, corruption has reduced only in 22 countries since 2012 – Australia, Canada, Nicaragua, France, Britain and the USA.

India’s Corruption Perceptions Index (CPI) score was 41, on par with China, Ghana, Benin and Morocco. However, India’s Corruption Index ranking is better than the neighbouring countries. Pakistan is ranked 120th, Sri Lanka 93rd, Nepal 113th and Bangladesh 146th.