We are proud of our Hindu roots. We are all culturally connected to roots of India because we are all Hindus’ ! : Mr. Savio Rodrigues (Editor, Goa Chronicle)

Panaji (Goa) – “You are a liar George Soros. Our restraint must not be considered to be cowardice”, Savio Rodrigues hit out at American philanthropist George Soros. At the World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos, Switzerland, Soros had criticised Narendra Modi for creating a Hindu nationalist state by imposing punitive measures on Kashmir. Savio Rodrigues’ response to Soros’ mindless statements was published on Opindia website. Savio Rodrigues added, “The entire statement made by you at Davos is a lie. Your intent was an indulgence in fear-mongering and to lie to the Muslims in India. In the last six-years of Modi Government, I have seen the Government work more for the welfare of the Muslims and Christians than the Hindus. I unflinchingly and proudly tell you that there is no better place in the world for people of different religious beliefs to exist other than in India. I earnestly appeal to the Indian Government to take stern action against your lies on an international platform. I would like to advise you to spend your money wisely because you will lose in this dream of yours to destroy nationalism in India. India is a Nation of Sanatan Dharma”.