Akshay Kumar mocks Shriram and Sikh festival Lohri in his film ‘Good Newwz’

How does the Censor Board issue certification to such films ? Every time the seats of faith of Hindus are denigrated through films and other mediums, and Hindus & their organisations continue to oppose. How long will this go on ? The Hindus expect that the Central Government legislate a stringent Act to stop insult of Hindu Deities.

Mumbai – Akshay Kumar’s forth-coming film ‘Good Newwz’ mocks Shriram and the Sikh festival of Lohri.

The trailer of the film was released sometime back. In its trailer, a man says “Mere bachhe ka naam Hola Ram hai kyunki vo Holi pe paida hua tha” (My son’s name is Hola Ram since he was born on the day of Holi), to which Akshay Kumar replies, “Acha hua apka bacha Lohri pe paida nahi hua, nahi to …” (Good, he was not born on Lohri, else his name would have been …)”

Akshay has abused Shriram, and using the name of ‘Lohri’ he says … which indirectly is an abuse. Hindu Janajagruti Samiti has posted a tweet about this requesting the Censor Board to look into the matter and make people aware of it.

Protest against anti-National & anti-Dharma incidents with restraint !

The main objective in protesting against anti-Hindu elements is to bring about an ideological change in them. Therefore, any protest should be at the ideological level on the strength of relevant theoretical points. Here, the expansive perspective should be to bring the erring individual onto the right path by pointing out his mistake.