Why no agitation against Pakistan’s atrocities, PM Modi wonders

Will the Congressmen, so-called progressives and rationalists say anything on this ? Such malintentioned people do not have the guts to reply to the people !

Bengaluru (Karnataka) – Lambasting Congress and its allies for opposing the Citizenship Amendment Act, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on 2nd January said the ongoing protests were against the Parliament and called on the agitators to raise their voice against Pakistan’s atrocities on its minorities.

The Prime Minister said protecting and supporting minorities of neighbouring countries who have sought refuge in India was our cultural and national responsibility. “Those who are protesting against the Parliament of India, I want to tell them that the need is to expose Pakistan’s misdeeds on the world stage. If you want to protest, protest and raise your voice against Pakistan’s misdeeds for the past 70 years, you should have that guts”, he said.

Addressing a gathering at Siddaganga Mutt near here, he said, “If you want to shout slogans, shout against the way in which atrocities are taking place against minorities there; if you want to hold rallies, hold it in favour of Dalits and downtrodden who have come from Pakistan (to India). If you want to do dharna, do it against Pakistans misdeeds”,