Those who advertised ‘make childless women pregnant, and receive lakhs of rupees’ arrested

Action against Eijaz and Irshad of Nuhan (Haryana)

Chandigarh (Haryana) – Ejaz and Irshad from Nuhan in the state had posted an advertisement that stated – ‘Make childless women pregnant and earn lakhs of rupees (Pregnant Job)’. As soon as these advertisements came to the notice of the police, they busted those who conned people. While investigating the case, the police arrested Ejaz and Irshad.

According to local media reports, Ejaz and Irshad used to lure men by posting pictures of beautiful women in advertisements. Those women were assured that they would get lakhs of rupees if they got pregnant. Police said that when someone contacted them after seeing the ad, they would charge them a registration fee and then ‘block’ their mobile numbers. It also appeared that they had created more than four fake Facebook accounts for this fraud.

Editorial Perspective

Minority in the country, but a majority in crimes ! The perpetrators of such crimes should be imprisoned for life.