TMC worker brutally thrash a couple over extra-marital relations

Religious fanatic Muslims in West Bengal take action on the basis of Sharia law !

The TajMul Islam alias JCB who assaulted

Kolkata (West Bengal) – A Muslim married woman and man were beaten up with a stick in broad daylight in the Chopra Block area of ​​North Dinajpur, West Bengal. Controversy has arisen after the video of the incident went viral on social media. It is said that these two were beaten up due to an extra-marital relationship. The assailant Tajmul Islam alias JCB has been arrested. Tajmul Islam is said to be a local office bearer of Trinamool Congress (TMC). There was a large crowd around when the incident took place. A few of them tried to stop Tajmul, but he did not stop the beating. BJP, CPI(M) and Congress have criticised the ruling TMC over this incident. Interestingly, the victim woman and man did not even lodge a complaint for 3 days after the beating. A controversy arose after the video of the incident went viral, and the Police registered a case and arrested Islam.

Criticism from BJP

Union Minister of State and State BJP President Sukanta Majumdar said that a Taliban regime has been established in West Bengal. The assailant is a close associate of the TMC MLA. The administration and Police are nowhere to be seen in this matter.

Majumdar said ‘Chopra MLA Hamidul Rahman’s statement that there is a provision of such a punishment as per some law of Muslim Rashtra is a matter of serious concern’.

Tajmul’s role will be investigated : TMC

Following criticism of TMC, party’s District president Kanhaiyalal Agarwal said that the couple who was beaten had extra-marital relations. It was unacceptable to the locals and so a meeting was held there. But we do not support what Tajmul has done. We are also going to investigate his role.

There is a provision of justice in Islamic countries against such an act : TMC MLA Hamidul Rahman

TMC MLA Hamidul Rahman said that the accused in the video has no connection with the party. He does not hold any post in the party. Everyone in Chopra is a TMC worker. We condemn this incident, but that woman also did wrong. She abandoned her husband, son and daughter and turned evil. There are certain rules and punishments in Muslim countries against such an act. What happened, though, was a little too much. Now legal action has been taken in this case.

TMC gangsters are running Kangaroo courts by themselves and giving punishment : CPI(M)

CPI(M) State secretary and former MP Mohammed Salim shared the video on X and wrote, ‘Not even #KangarooCourt ! Summary trial and punishment handed out by d @AITCofficial goon nicknamed JCB. Literally bulldozer justice at Chopra under @MamataOfficial rule. He who made this video now is ousted from his house. Such is the TMC’s rule in the liberated zone of Chopra under the supervision of @WBPolice. JCB aka Tajemul who is mercilessly attacking the lady is also the main accused in the murder of Com. Mansur Alam (sic)’.

Editorial Perspective

It is clear from this incident that soon Sharia will be implemented in West Bengal ! Hindus should now take this seriously and unite and be active to protect the Hindus in West Bengal !