It is necessary to build a big mass movement to make a Hindu Rashtra

Mr Praveen Chaturvedi, Founder, Prachyam

Ramnathi, Goa – Today the whole world is trying to destroy Hindu religion and culture.  So we have to get organized and face it.  It is necessary to raise a large mass movement with a blend of piety and spirituality to become a Hindu nation.  The same is being done by the Hindu Janajagruti Samiti through the ‘Global Hindu Rashtra Mahotsava’, asserted the founder and chief executive officer of Prachyam, Shri.  Praveen Chaturvedi

He said that Hindu Dharma has always been a symbol of love, compassion and universal brotherhood. It is being maligned all over the world. Terms such as casteism, brahminical patriarchy have been coined especially among the Hindu youth to increase confusion and hatred towards each other. These false narratives can only be countered by exposing their falsity. For example, we had no concept of caste, only varna (Class); but the British created the caste system to divide us. Further this can be achieved by presenting before the society the achievements pertaining to India, Hindu Dharma, culture, achievements of Hindus from all walks of life over thousands of years, etc.

Rise of ‘Prachyam’ on OTT platform! 

He said, “Sri Ram Mandir was going to be inaugurated.  Because of that, a ‘video’ was made on the struggle of Ram devotees for Sri Ram Janmabhoomi.  It was removed by the channel within 1 hour of airing it on the YouTube channel.  They even threatened to shut down my YouTube.  After that this ‘video’ was circulated on other social media.  It received an enthusiastic response from millions of viewers.  After that, YouTube re-broadcasted the video.  After this ban, Hindu ‘OTT platform’ ‘Prachyam’ started. Videos about great Indian culture are being made from this platform.  It gives a good message to the Indian youth.


‘Saheb’ produced by ‘Prachyam’ on ‘What were we and what have we become?’, ‘Saheb’ showing the current state of affairs before and after independence, and ‘Sri Ramjanmbhumi Struggle’, were shown on the occasion.