Congress assurance to Muslims reason for independent India not being Hindu Rashtra : Ramesh Shinde, Hindu Janajagruti Samiti

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  • Anti-Hindu fake narratives being peddled
Ramesh Shinde

Maulana Arshad Madani, the national president of Jamiat-Ulema-e -ind, said in a public meeting that, “Even before independence, the Congress had assured the Muslims that India will not be made a Hindu Rashtra. That is why India did not become a Hindu nation. Article 368 of the Constitution states that the Government has complete power to amend the Constitution. The Constitution has already been amended 106 times, the 107th amendment can make India a Hindu Rashtra.

A video was circulated on social media of a little girl saying that India’s per capita income reduced after Modi came [became the PM]. However she was unable to answer what per capita income is, what the previous per capita income was, and what it is now. Hindus should realise that such fake narratives are being spread.

There is no Hindu terrorism anywhere in the world. There is no mention of Hindu Terrorism anywhere in America’s list of terrorists or in the list of terrorists on Wikipedia. But in India, a fake narrative of Hindu terrorism has been created. On the one hand it is projected that ‘terrorists have no religion’ and on the other a fake narrative of Hindu terrorism is peddled. The news site The Wire claims that ‘terrorism’ and ‘extremism’ are different, and that extremists are fighting the Indian Government for their rights. Terrorist organisations like Hamas are referred to as militant organisations on the BBC. Another example of narrative building is that those who massacred Kashmiri Hindus, raped women are not terrorists, but Hindus are definitely terrorists.