Accident of a truck carrying soft drink bottles in Pakistan : People stole the bottles

This shows the attitude of Pakistanis

Islamabad (Pakistan) – A truck loaded with soft drink bottles met with an accident in Faisalabad, in Punjab province. After the accident, a competition started among people to steal those bottles. The entire truck was empty before the police reached the spot. A video of the incident has been circulated.

The video showed that not only men but also women and children were outmatched in the race to loot. The video of the soft drink robbery has made headlines in Pakistani news channels. Interestingly, in October 2023, Pakistani citizens protested by breaking soft drink bottles during the protest in Lahore in support of Palestine. A month ago, the people of Pakistan also boycotted the soft drinks of many famous establishments in support of Palestine. From this, it was revealed that all that was just a show and that the Pakistanis get excited when they get something for free.