Western countries use Khalistanis to destabilise India -‘Disinformation Lab’ report

  • Terms like ‘India-sponsored international repression’ and ‘Khalistani activists’ used. 
  • Planned activities occurred in countries like Canada, the USA, and Australia.

London (UK) – The’ Disinformation Lab’, an organisation exposing global conspiracies against India and Hindu Dharma, has revealed another plot involving the use of Khalistanis. The organisation shared this information on its ‘X’ account, highlighting five seemingly independent events that occurred in different countries last June.

The organisation detailed:

1. First event: On 13 June 2023, the India-hating ‘Centre for Information Resilience’ (CIR) in London published a report accusing India of framing Khalistani ‘activists’ negatively. They claimed the Indian government used a handful of anonymous individuals for this. The report propagated terms like ‘India- sponsored international repression’ and ‘ Khalistani activists’, glorifying the Khalistani
movement ( DisinfoLab ) ( DisinfoLab ).

2. Second event: On 14 June 2023, the US extradited Indian administrative officer Nikhil Gupta from the Czech Republic. He was accused of being involved in the plot to assassinate notorious Khalistani terrorist Gurpatwant Singh Pannun. Gupta’s extradition occurred on 14 June, and the news was broadcast on 17-18 June ( DisinfoLab ) ( DisinfoLab ).

3. Third event: On 17 June 2023, the ‘Australian Broadcasting Corporation’ (ABC) produced a documentary by journalist Avani Dias, claiming the Indian government was conspiring against Khalistanis. This documentary also used terms like ‘ Khalistani activists’ and ‘ international repression’. Notably, Avani Dias had previously claimed that India had denied her a visa, a claim that was later found to be false ( DisinfoLab ) ( DisinfoLab ).

4. Fourth event: On 17 June 2023, US Congressman Jeff McClane and other Democrats (Hollen, Sanders, Kaine, Wyden) wrote a letter to the US State Department using the term ‘international repression’ regarding India ( DisinfoLab ) ( DisinfoLab ).

5. Fifth event: On 19 June 2023, the Canadian Parliament observed a moment of silence to pay tribute to Khalistani terrorist Hardeep Singh Nijjar, allegedly killed in a plot of ‘international repression’ by India ( DisinfoLab ) ( DisinfoLab ).

Editorial Perspective

This is a strong evidence of how anti-India forces are targeting India and Hindu Dharma. To counter these global forces, it is crucial for Hindus at all levels to unite selflessly and work systematically.