Idol of Shrikrushna found during Bhojshala excavation

Dhar (Madhya Pradesh) – Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) has been surveying the Bhojshala for last 3 months on the orders of Indore High Court. With the help of technology, they have unearthed a few ancient remains and idols buried 25’ underground. On the 91st day of the survey, on 20thJune a 1.5’ tall idol of Shrikrushna was found, along with it 2 ancient artefacts were also found. One artefact has symbols of Sanatan Dharma, and the other one has Yakshas carved on the left and the right sides.

Editorial Perspective

Excavation so far, has proved that Bhojshala was a Hindu Temple and University. Now it is necessary to order simultaneous survey of all those temples which have been turned into Mosques by the Muslim invaders. That will reveal the true history.