36 dead, 70 hospitalised after consuming toxic alcohol in Tamil Nadu

Chennai (Tamil Nadu) – In the Kallakurichi District of Tamil Nadu, 36 people have died after consuming toxic alcohol. Additionally, more than 70 people have been hospitalised for treatment. Meanwhile, in Puducherry as well, 15 people have been hospitalised after consuming toxic alcohol, with some in critical condition.

In this case, Police arrested a bootlegger named K Govindaraj alias Kannukutti, 49, on charges of selling illicit arrack and seized more than 200 litres of the brew. Samples tested at a forensic laboratory in Villupuram were found to have the poisonous methanol.

No mercy will be shown to criminals : Chief Minister Stalin

Tamil Nadu CM M K Stalin

Chief Minister M K Stalin expressed his sadness over this incident and stated that action will be taken against the negligent officials as well. In a post on ‘X,’ he mentioned that, “Immediate action will be taken if the public informs about those involved in such crimes. (Why doesn’t the Police get to know about this before the public complains ? Stalin should answer this – Editor). Such crimes that ruin society will be suppressed with an iron fist.” (As the Chief Minister, he is also responsible for such incidents. Will he resign from his post ? – Editor).

Editorial Perspectives

  • Incidents of mass deaths due to toxic alcohol consumption frequently occur in the country; yet, neither the Union Government nor the State Governments take permanent measures to prevent them. As a result, such incidents continue to happen, which is a disgrace for Governments of all parties.
  • The ruling Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam (DMK) party, which talks about eradicating Sanatan Dharma, should first focus on eradicating such crimes.