Even a 0.001% error will result in strict action

Supreme Court warns NTA in NEET case

New Delhi – The Supreme Court, while hearing a case related to the National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET), issued a stern warning to the National Testing Agency (NTA), stating that even a 0.001% error will lead to strict action. “This is a matter of students’ hard work. We understand the effort students put into preparing for the exam. Do not ignore students’ complaints. If there is indeed a mistake in the exam, acknowledge it and correct it. We will not let students’ hard work go in vain,” the court stated clearly. The Supreme Court has issued a notice to the NTA regarding petitions related to the NEET exam, with the next hearing scheduled for July 8.

The Supreme Court further noted that if someone becomes a doctor through fraud, it poses a significant threat to society and the system. An institution is expected to be impartial.

Meanwhile, Sanjeev Mukhia, the main mastermind behind the NEET question paper leak, has applied for anticipatory bail. His hearing will take place in the Patna Civil Court.