Hindu student’s ‘Shikha’ cut by teacher at St Mary School in Ballia, UP

Teacher and headmistress misbehave with student’s mother who visited the school to register complaint

Ballia (UP) – An unsettling incident has come to light, involving a Hindu student named Prabhakar, who is in the fourth standard at St. Mary’s missionary School. It has been reported that the student’s ‘Shikha’ was forcibly cut by his class teacher, who also raised objections to the ‘Tilak’ on the victim student’s forehead. Furthermore, when the student’s mother visited the school to register complain about the incident, she too faced mistreatment. This distressing event is reported to have occurred on 2nd May. Following a complaint lodged by the student’s father, Vivekananda Singh, with the Police, a case has been filed against both the teacher and the headmistress of the school.

1. Sister Daya Das serves as the headmistress of St. Mary’s School, situated in the Mariampur Raghopur area of Ballia. The complaint of the aggrieved student has expressed the suspicion that a conspiracy of conversion is being hatched inside the school.

2. Vivekananda Singh alleged that the class teacher verbally abused Prabhakar for keeping the ‘Shikha’. The teacher questioned, “How did you come to school with a ‘Shikha’ ?” Asserting that it is strictly prohibited to come to school with ‘Shikha’ and a ‘Tilak’, the teacher proceeded to cut Prabhakar’s ‘Shikha’ with scissors.

3. When Prabhakar’s mother learned about the incident, she went to the school to complain, only to be met with mistreatment from both the teacher and the headmistress. The school staff reportedly told her to do whatever she wanted and even threatened the child over the issue. Vivekananda further emphasised in his complaint that this behaviour amounts to disrespect towards Hindu Dharma.

Editorial Perspectives

  • This is the real face of missionary schools. This is curtailing the freedom of religious expression. It is indeed a matter of shame for Hindus that they are subjected to such mistreatment in a country where Hindus are a majority population.
  • Incidents of mistreatment to Hindu students in the name of religion frequently come to light in Christian missionary schools, much like in madarasas. It should not come as a surprise if one feels the need for a ban on missionary schools along with madarasas.
  • Why do those terming hijab in school as ‘religious freedom’, not support the act of keeping a ‘Shikha’ and wearing ‘Tilak’ by Hindu students ?