Radical Muslim Councillor raises slogans of ‘Allah-hu-Akbar’ after victory in municipal elections in Britain

London – After winning the municipal elections in England, radical Muslim Councillor Mothin Ali raised slogans of ‘Allah-hu-Akbar’. His video has gone viral on social media. Mothin Ali, 42, gave a speech in support of Palestine after his victory in the city of Leeds and dedicated his victory to the people of Gaza. Another Muslim candidate, Naheed Zohra Gulsitab, won the seat from Walsall and dedicated his victory to the people of Gaza.

1. UK Green Party candidates supported the issue of the Gaza war and won in the municipal elections in England.

2. Ali is a zealous advocate of Palestine. He supported Hamas’s attack on Israel on 7th October.

3. Mothin Ali’s position in the UK Green Party has been strengthened by his victory in the Leeds Council election.

4. People are shocked after Mothin Ali’s victory. They are saying that radical Islam is steadily rising in England.

Editorial Perspective

  • Looking at the Islamisation of Britain in the past few years, it will not be surprising if the next Prime Minister of the country is a radical Muslim.
  • Incidents of attacks on Hindus in Britain have increased over the past few years. Now if the power goes into the hands of Muslims like Mothin Ali, the condition of the Hindus will worsen there.