Muslims set fire to the houses of Christians to build a church in Egypt

Cairo (Egypt) – An incident has come to light that a Muslim mob set fire to many Christian houses in Minya province. In this regard, many videos have been circulated on social media and angry Muslim mobs are seen going to the houses of Christians and attacking them. According to the ‘New Arab’, the Muslim crowd was already angry after the Christian ‘Easter’ celebration; but when there was talk of building a new church in Al Fawkhir village there, Muslims took to the streets after Friday prayers. They started burning the houses of Christians.

1. There have been allegations on social media that the Police were silent spectators when the mob indulged in violence.

2. On this incident, Archbishop Makarios of Minia said that the situation which went out of control after this incident is now under control and the suspects have also been arrested.

3. Christians have often had to compromise their rights because of the Muslims in Egypt. Many incidents of atrocities against Christians have been reported in the media. 10 years ago Archbishop Makarios is also said to have been assassinated.

4. The total population of Muslim-majority Egypt is 1.9 crore, of which 10-15 percent are Christians. Christians are legally bound to follow Sharia law in most matters other than marriage and divorce. (Though Christians in India are living a good life in many ways, India is called ‘anti-Christian’ due to incidents happening in Manipur or elsewhere. Seeing such frequent anti-Indian propaganda, would it be wrong if someone says that ‘Christians should leave India and move to any Christian or Muslim country’ ? – Editor)

Editorial Perspective

In the name of proselytizing, fanatical Christians build churches all over the world and lure the locals with various temptations, while fanatical Muslims attack non-Muslims by calling them ‘infidels’. This violence has been going on for the last 1,400 years against the narrow and terrifying ambition of making the whole world Islamic or Christian. Can this situation be changed ?