China is building a new road in Pakistan-occupied Kashmir

The road is some distance away from India’s Siachen

Leh (Ladakh) – Tensions between India and China have continued to pose a security threat in Eastern Ladakh for the past 4 years. A report has revealed that China is building a road in an area of ​​Pakistan-occupied Kashmir. The road is being built in Shaksgam Valley, just 30 miles from Siachen, India.

Courtesy : News9 Live

1. In the year 1963, the part of Pakistan-occupied Kashmir which was gifted to China by Pakistan includes Shaksgam valley. Technically the whole of Jammu and Kashmir is a part of India. In this regard, this part given by Pakistan to China is completely illegal. Despite this, China has maintained its control here.

2. According to the report of ‘India Today’, the pictures taken by the European Space Agency through satellites have shown that the national highway ‘G219’, which originates from the Xinjiang province of China, is now extending towards Pakistan-occupied Kashmir. This road is 50 km north of Siachen, the northernmost point of the Indian border. Roads are being built in China’s Karakoram mountains.

3. The Indian Army has also expressed concern about the construction of this road. Lt Gen Rakesh Sharma, former commander of the Indian Army’s ‘Fire and Fury Corps’, which is responsible for the security of Kargil, Siachen and East Ladakh, said India should lodge a diplomatic protest with China as the road is completely illegal.

4. Pakistan had announced construction of Muzaffarabad to Gilgit-Baltistan and Shaksgam Khare road in 2021. After this, the road will be connected to the Yarkand region in Xinjiang. This road is being constructed in Shaksgam Valley to connect with China’s national highway ‘G219’.

India has already objected

Between 2017 and 2018, China built a paved road in the lower Shaksgam valley, west of the Karakoram pass. Military infrastructure has been created in the valley. In 2022, the Indian Army strongly opposed the construction of this road during the border dispute.

Editorial Perspective

India now needs to take appropriate action to thwart the forever ongoing conspiracies of China and Pakistan to trap India.