Plates printed with Deity Shriram’s picture used to sell Mutton Biryani in Delhi

(The intention underlying display of this image is not to hurt religious sentiments of Hindus, but make them aware of the denigration –  Editor, Sanatan Prabhat)

New Delhi – A vendor was serving biryani in disposable plates with the picture of Shriram In North Delhi’s Jehangirpuri. This incident came to light when a local Bajrang Dal activist noticed it.

Courtesy : VK News

On inquiry, he found that people were being served biryani in these plates. After use, the plates were thrown in the trash bin. Later, the devout Hindus lodged a Police complaint against the vendor who denigrated Shriram. The Police arrived at the spot and detained the vendor. The Police seized the plates with pictures of Shriram.

Editorial Perspective

Such disrespectful mockery of the revered Hindu Deity, in the capital of a Hindu-majority country, is shameful for Hindus.