Muslim youths raise ‘Palestine Zindabad’ slogan in a water park at Surat (Gujarat)

  • Security guards who opposed were beaten up
  • 15 people arrested

(Water park is a place of entertainment. It consists of swimming pools and similar facilities)

Surat (Gujarat) – An incident of sloganeering in support of Palestine has come to light at ‘Imagica Water Park’ here. When the security guards tried to stop the Muslim youths who were shouting these slogans, they were beaten up and injured. The Police have arrested 15 people in this case. Other suspects are being searched for using the CCTV footage. This incident took place on 13 th April.

(Courtesy: You Bharat)

The water park was crowded when 2 youths arrived carrying the flag of Palestine and took off their T-shirts and started chanting ‘Palestine Zindabad’. A few other youths also joined them. All these youngsters wanted to enter the restricted area of ​​the water park. This incident created confusion among those present at the park. As a result, the security guards Mehul Desai and another tried to stop them. The security guards were beaten up. When the Police were informed about this incident, they reached the spot and arrested 15 youths.

Editorial Perspective

Don’t be surprised if someone demands to send Palestine supporters to Palestine.