Thousands rally again in Nepal for demand of Hindu Rashtra

Clashes erupt between Police and protestors

Kathmandu (Nepal) – In recent days, Nepal has witnessed a surge in calls to declare the nation a Hindu Rashtra and reinstate the monarchy. For this, protests are being held at various places. On 15th April, a protest was held for Hindu Rashtra in the capital Kathmandu. At that time, clash broke out between the protestors and Police. The Police resorted to deploying teargas shells and water cannons in their efforts to scatter the protesters. According to Police reports, the confrontation erupted when demonstrators attempted to breach restricted zones.

Courtesy ANI News

1. The protesters are supported by the nationalist ‘Rashtriya Prajatantra Party’, which stands as the fifth largest political entity in Nepal. The party had also sent a 40-point memorandum to the Prime Minister’s Office in February, outlining various demands including the need to curb corruption. Party spokesperson Mohan Shrestha said that restoration of monarchy, establishment of Hindu Rashtra and federal system are our main demands.

2. Earlier, a protest was held on 10th April as well, during which the protesters had attempted to reach the Prime Minister’s Office and other Government offices. They had also raised slogans saying, “We love our country and the king more than our lives. The republic should be abolished and the monarchy should be returned to the country.”

3. In 2007, Nepal was declared a secular nation. The monarchy was officially abolished in 2008. Since then, Nepal has witnessed the ascent of 13 different Governments. Unfortunately, this period has been marred by a rise in corruption and political instability. Nepali politicians have become puppets of China.

Editorial Perspective

Hindus in a small nation like Nepal actively protest for Hindu Rashtra but Hindus in India do not take similar action. It is shameful for Hindus in India.