Slogans of ‘Sar Tan Se Juda’ raised in a march by Muslims against a Judge in Nepal

False allegation about Judge posting an anti-Islam post on social media

(Sar Tan Se Juda is a call for decapitation)

Kathmandu, Nepal – A post is viral on social media in the name of Nepal’s Chief Justice Kamalnarayan Das. The Muslims have taken to the streets protesting that the post insults Prophet Mohammed. They are shouting slogans of ‘Allah hu Akbar’ and ‘Sar Tan Se Juda’ and blocking traffic and the roads. Nepal’s ‘Muslim Commission’ has written to the government asking for strict action against Justice Kamalnarayan Das. Nepal Police nor any investigation were able to say who had written the post. On this, the Muslim Community has come on the roads demanding Justice Kamalnarayan’s arrest.

The hysteria of the Muslim Commission

The Muslim Commission has said that the post comments on the Ramzan fast followed by the Muslims. Posting this post during Ramzan means a conspiracy to destroy the communal fabric of Nepal. The Muslim Commission says that this is an attack on our culture under the guise of allowing freedom of expression.

Editorial Perspectives

  • There are many examples of Muslims spreading rumours of Hindus insulting Islam and killing the Hindus or punishing them in Pakistan. Now the Muslims are following the same modus operandi in Nepal.
  • This is an example that Muslims wherever they are allege an attack on their religion and take the law into their hands.