The Union Govt creates a single Panchang for the entire country

  • Soon, the Panchang developed by the Central Sanskrit University will be published under the auspices of the President
  • This will put an end to the confusion regarding festival dates and celebrations

New Delhi – A new milestone has been reached with the Union Government now creating a single Panchang for Hindus across the country. This initiative aims to alleviate practical difficulties in observing festivals, fasting, and other rituals. The responsibility of creating this Panchang was entrusted to the Central Sanskrit University. Astrologers from various central institutions established in different states across the country collaborated to develop this Panchang over the course of a year. It is expected that this Panchang will soon be published under the auspices of President Draupadi Murmu.

Astrologers believe that after the release of this Panchang, confusion regarding festival dates will be eliminated. The Central Sanskrit University has made significant efforts to create this Hindu Panchang by analyzing the current positions of stars, constellations, the sun, and the moon after assessing the prevailing circumstances nationwide.

What is the significance of dates in the context of confusion ?

There is confusion regarding festivals and fasting. Sometimes Janmashtami is celebrated for 2 days, while Navaratri is observed for 8, 9, or 10 days. The timing of Diwali puja varies as well. Amavasya occasions are also subject to confusion. However, confusion arises not only due to the Panchang and dates; it is because in Hinduism, festivals are often observed based on the sunrise date. Yet, there is no universally accepted approach in every circumstance. Some people decide festival timings based on local sunrise timings. According to religious scriptures, rituals, worship, fasting, and festivals should be observed according to specific timing categories such as sunrise, midday, pradosh (dusk), half of the night, and midnight.

The Central Sanskrit University is publishing the ‘Bhojraj Panchang’

According to Ramakant Pandey, the director of the Central Sanskrit University, there are two main branches of astrology: ‘Siddhanta’ and ‘Phalita’. These branches are taught effectively and practically. Astrologers practice Indian astrology scientifically and practically. After calculating based on local sunrise timings, the ‘Bhojraj Panchang’ is published by the institution. Efforts have been made to eliminate the confusion regarding festivals in the national Panchang.

Professor Subrahmanyam mentioned that there are 13 centers of the Central Sanskrit University in the country. Each plays a role in creating the Panchang. King Bhoj himself was an astrologer, so these almanacs are named after him. In the university, data is collected and calculations are made. Based on this data, clocks, auspicious timings, constellations, dates, accurate timings, karnas, madras, and auspicious timings are determined. This work of astrology continues throughout the year.

Hansadhar Jha, the director of the Central Sanskrit University in Karnataka, stated that the Panchang is the foundation of Indian culture. It has been established according to ancient astronomical calculations based on Indian time. This information has been obtained from the ancient observatories in Kolkata. It is observed which planets are positioned where. When creating the Panchang, the time of the city where we are located is taken into account because time and planetary positions change accordingly.