Chattisgarh’s Shriram Temple closed by the Naxals reopened from this Gudhi Padwa

The Temple was closed for the past 21 years

Raipur (Chattisgarh) –After the installation of Shri Ramlalla in Ayodhya after 500 years the exile of the Shriram Temple in the Sukama District of the Dandakaranya ended as well. This temple which was shut for the past 21 years, was re-opened on the 9th of April 2024, on the auspicious occasion of Gudhi Padwa. The Naxals had ordered the closure of this temple at gunpoint. But now the CRPF have repaired and cleaned the Temple and opened the temple for the villagers. They are the people of Lakhpal and Keralpenda village in the Sukhama District.

1. The Idols of Shriram, Lakshman, and Sita Mata were consecrated in this temple 5 decades ago.

2. The puja and worship slowly stopped in this temple with the increase in Naxal activity in the area and in time the Naxals closed down the temple worship completely in 2003.

3. Off late the CRPF have been very active in the area and destroyed the Naxal bases in the area such that the Naxal activity in the area has reduced. The action of the soldiers of the 74th Regiment has reigned in the Naxal activity in the area.

4. The soldiers saw this temple on the 14th of March while patrolling. Seeing the dilapidated condition of the temple they surmised that it was an ancient temple. Later it came to light that the Naxal had in 2003 permanently stopped worship in the temple and had vandalised the temple as well.

5. The soldiers respecting the request of the villagers opened the temple for worship by the villagers from the auspicious occasion of Gudhi Padwa.

Editorial Perspectives

  • While they keep saying that the Naxal’s objective is to reign in corruption, their hidden agenda is something else altogether and this example helps us to understand what it is.
  • Such changes have begun to happen after Shri Ramlalla was installed in Ayodhya. It can be said that this reopening has given the Hindus the spiritual strength to eradicate the wrong things that happened in the past 500 years due to the construction of the Babri.