BJP’s devout Hindu MLA T Raja Singh from Hyderabad (Telangana) under house arrest

Raja Singh stopped from helping Hindu victims attacked by Muslims during Holi

Hyderabad (Telangana) – Religious fanatic Muslims had attacked Hindus celebrating Holi near a mosque in Chengicherla area here. Surprisingly, the Police took action against the Hindu victims. In response, T Raja Singh, BJP’s devout Hindu MLA from the Goshamahal area of the city, protested against this injustice and was going to visit Chengicherla area. However, before that, the Police placed him under house arrest. T Raja Singh shared this information on ‘X’.

1. Raja Singh also shared a picture along with his post, wherein he is standing outside a house surrounded by his supporters, with several Policemen around. In this post, T Raja Singh has written, “Today (on the day of Holi), I was placed under house arrest by the Telangana Police while en-route to Chengicherla with my team, carrying ration/grocery items for the people who were attacked by extremist groups during the Holi festival celebrations. The Congress Government has stopped the food and water of the Hindus there. Fed up with Telangana Rashtra Samithi Party’s policy of appeasing Muslims, people have mistakenly elected Congress.”

2. Raja Singh further alleged that the Telangana Police have filed cases against the victims instead of the perpetrators in the attack on Hindus. He stated, “I urge the Police department to intervene and dismiss all cases against Hindus, taking necessary action against the perpetrators. Failure to do so will result in a strong response from us.”

Editorial Perspective

Since the Congress Government, resembling Pakistani rule, took power in Telangana, Hindus and their leaders have been subjected to unfair treatment. The day when Hindus, who supported the Congress into power, recognise this injustice, will be marked a holy day.