4.4 crore cases pending in the country

  • Union Government reports
  • 2.19 crore cases can be settled in one year if efforts are made

New Delhi – According to the report prepared by the Union Government in collaboration with the National Judicial Data Grid, it has been revealed that 4.4 crore cases are pending in various courts of the country out of which 91.91 lakh cases are pending because the Police have not completed their work.

Out of 4.4 crore cases, 2.21 crore cases are up to three years old. The remaining cases are pending for 15 different issues. If these issues are resolved, 2.19 crore cases can be settled in just one year. (The Government needs to take initiative for this. – Editor)

Records related to 18.17 lakh cases are missing from Police stations and lower Courts. The cases are said to be missing as they have been pending for years. (Will those who displayed such negligence be punished ? – Editor)

10.17 lakh cases are many years old. People related to these cases have stopped coming to Court as they have given up hope of justice. (Shame on the Indian Judiciary. – Editor)

Editorial Perspective

This type of statistics has been reported for years. However, the information about what efforts are being made to settle these cases as soon as possible, how much success is achieved, etc. is never disclosed. Hence, the public thinks that no efforts are being in that direction.