Application to register a dargah built over encroached Government land rejected

Upper Tehsildar’s decision after Advocate Khush Khandelwal’s intervention

(A ‘dargah’ refers to a shrine having a Muslim holy person’s tomb)

Bhayandar – An encroachment was made by constructing the Balesha Peer Dargah on the Government land on Uttan Dongri. (Was the Administration asleep till now ? – Editor). This also involved destroying the mangroves there. False documents were presented to list dargah’s name on the land’s official record. Abdul Kadir Qureshi, the secretary of the dargah trust, had filed an application for this purpose; however, Advocate Khush Khandelwal, founder of ‘Hindu Task Force’, timely intervened in the matter. Consequently, the Upper (Additional) Tehsildar opposed the registration of the dargah and rejected the application.

Advocate Khushi Khandelwal

Advocate Khush Khandelwal has accused Bhayandar’s divisional officers, Deepak Ahire and clerk Ramesh Fapale, of presenting a false report in October 2023 to approve the dargah. This led to subsequent interventions against the approval.

Editorial Perspective

Applause for Advocate Khush Khandelwal, who opposed the registration of an illegal dargah and thwarted the underlying conspiracy in time.