Muslim traders threaten and violently attack a Hindu farmer in Dharwad (Karnataka)

A Hindu farmer, Irappa Rudrappa Udikeri at hospital after being assaulted by Muslim vendors

(Credit – Vistara News YT)

Dharwad (Karnataka) – A Hindu farmer, Irappa Rudrappa Udikeri, from Lokur village was subjected to a violent attack by 5-6 Muslim traders at the A.P.M.C. market in Dharwad, Karnataka. On Saturday, 3rd February, when he went to sell vegetables as usual, the Muslim traders created a ruckus and attacked him. Irappa, who sustains injuries from the altercation, is currently undergoing treatment at Dharwad District Hospital. The attackers issued threats, stating ‘We will not spare you Hindus.’

Editorial Perspective

Religious fanatics feel shielded from consequences following the change in political leadership in Karnataka. Seculars do not open their mouths against such incidents.