Baloch Liberation Army takes over Mach town in Balochistan

  • 45 Pakistani soldiers killed
  • Pakistan is on the verge of another partition !

Quetta – A 1971-like situation has been created in Pakistan which can result in another partition. ‘The Baloch Liberation Army (BLA)’ fighting for the freedom of Balochistan, located on the southwest side of Pakistan, attacked Pakistani military bases and has claimed to have taken over Mach town in Bolan District. BLA has also claimed that 45 Pakistani soldiers were killed in Mach attacks, while 10 civilians have been killed in Pir Ghaib.

According to the ‘Balochistan Post’, BLA has taken over Mach town and surrounding areas of the region. BLA spokesperson Jeeyand Baloch said that the BLA soldiers used land mines to hinder the Pakistani army and took over Mach. BLA soldiers fired many rockets on the bases of the Pakistani army. During the clashes, 4 Baloch activists lost their lives. They were the suicide attackers of BLA’s ‘Majeed Brigade’. In 1971, ‘Mukti Bahini’ had similarly attacked the Pakistani army in the then East Pakistan. India supported Mukti Bahini and Pakistan was divided creating a new nation i.e. Bangladesh.