Muslims protest demolition of unauthorised mosques by Municipal officials in Kolhapur

Kolhapur, Maharashtra – On 31st January, officials of Municipal Corporation’s Town Planning department went to act against the illegal mosque located in Lakshatirtha Colony at 8 a.m. These officers had to face opposition from the Muslim mob, which created a lot of tension. The authorities could not demolish the illegal mosque despite a huge Police force deployed at the site. Hindu Nationalists gathered at the Chhatrapati Shivaji Chowk and staged a demonstration to protest Muslim opposition to the Municipal officials and demanded immediate demolition of illegal construction.

Bajrang Dal had demanded the demolition of the unauthorised Mosque at the Court and the Court had restrained the Municipality. This injunction was lifted two days ago.

Since the injunction was lifted, the Municipal Administration was ready to take immediate action, but they were intimidated by a huge Muslim Mob.

Editorial Perspectives

  • Till now, history has proven that such illegal mosques and dargahs are not easy to demolish because of protests by Muslims, despite this, why were the Municipal officials not prepared ?
  • How is it possible that the Administration was unaware till the illegal construction was complete ?