Abolish the Waqf Board act – Nitesh Rane, BJP MLA

The Hindu community in Solapur organizes ‘Hindu Jan Aakrosh Morcha’

Solapur – MLA Nitesh Rane of BJP demanded the abolition of the Waqf Board Act, citing that in India, where 90% of the population is Hindu, a significant amount of land is owned by the Waqf Board. He claimed that through Land Jihad and Love Jihad, there is a conspiracy to reduce the Hindu population and make India an Islamic nation by 2047. Therefore, he demanded to repeal of the Waqf Board Act that allows encroachment on Hindu lands. The call for action was made during a public assembly following the ‘Hindu Jan Aakrosh Morcha’ organised by the Hindu community in Solapur on 6th January. BJP MLA T. Raja Singh from Telangana and Ha.Bha.Pa. Laxman Maharaj Chavhan was also present on the dais.

Nitesh Rane added,

‘When will India become a Hindu Rashtra ?’, is a question many people ask me. For me, India is already a Hindu Rashtra, and every inch of its land belongs to Hindus. If Hindus unite and take to the streets, they can instantly crush those who are playing appeasement politics for their selfish motives. So, I warn those attempting to infringe on our land and rights to be wary. How did the Waqf Board come to own the most land in a country where 90% population is Hindu ? In 1995, the then-Government made amendments to the Waqf Act. This law is unique to our country, not even in Islamic nations or Pakistan such a law exists. This law is a conspiracy to reduce the Hindu population where they are the majority. We do not accept this law and demand its immediate repeal.

There is not a single Hindu in the Waqf Board; all are Muslims. It is necessary to fight against this. Whenever people from this board come to claim land, Hindus should unite and raise their voices. Rise my fellow Hindus. If they have their Ali, we have our Bajrang Bali, remember the rallying cry. Efforts are being made to implement Sharia law in India, like Syria and Pakistan. If Hindus do not open their eyes soon, the name of Solapur will be changed to Salampur. So, wake up !

If these religious fanatics emboldened by Nehru’s appeasement politics are not checked on time, India will become another Islamic nation – T. Raja Singh, Hindu nationalist MLA of the BJP, Telangana

As practices like Love Jihad, Land Jihad, cow slaughter and atrocities by the Waqf Board increase in Maharashtra, Hindus need to unite. The sole purpose of this march is to awaken those who are asleep; as casteism is dividing the Hindu community, and it is being exploited. Whenever someone asks you, ‘What is your caste?’ proudly proclaim, ‘I am a Hindu’. Claims have been made on the land of Siddheshwar temple in Solapur by the Waqf Board. If these religious fanatics emboldened by Nehru’s appeasement politics, are not checked on time, India’s transformation into an Islamic nation is unavoidable.