Allu Arjun refuses to advertise alcohol and tobacco in the film ‘Pushpa 2’

Allu Arjun does not advertise for alcohol, tobacco, and gutkha to save his fans from these bad habits

Allu Arjun (Credits :

Mumbai – A popular South Indian Actor Allu Arjun refused to advertise for popular brands of liquor and paan masala. Allu Arjun has always avoided acting for advertisements of alcohol, tobacco and gutkha. According to this news, they had placed a proposal before him that in the coming film ‘Pushpa 2’ whenever the character of Pushparaj consumes alcohol or tobacco, that time the logo of the advertisement will pop up for all to see. He was offered Rs 10 crore for accepting that proposal, but Allu Arjun refused the offer. Once, Allu Arjun refused to advertise for another product. Co-actors acting with Allu Arjun said that Allu Arjun did not consume tobacco and did not wish that his fans should get into that habit.

Editorial perspective

In our country, how many actors, players or famous people refuse a chance of earning crores of rupees through advertisements with such a thinking ?