Teach the Quran not the Ramayan and Mahabharat in the NCERT syllabus

Sambhal (Uttar Pradesh) – Not Ramayan or Mahabharat, NCERT should include the Quran in textbooks because there is no greater book than the Quran, demanded Samajwadi Party MP Shafiqur Rahman Barq. Initially, there were extensive reports, with media houses claiming that a high-level committee constituted by NCERT and chaired by CI Issac had recommended the inclusion of epics such as the Ramayan and the Mahabharat in social sciences textbooks. However, when the reports went viral, NCERT, on 22nd November refuted claims that said Ramayan and Mahabharat would be included in the school syllabus as part of history. As per reports, NCERT denied the claims, stressing that there is no such panel and that “whatever Isaac is saying is in his personal capacity.”

As per media reports, the NCERT has not taken a call on the recommendations yet but the new NCERT textbooks are likely to be ready by the next academic session.

Member of Parliament Barq said there is no book greater than the Quran. NCERT’s committee is recommending the teaching of Ramayan and Mahabharat to promote patriotism in students. There is no shortfall in the promotion of patriotism in all the courses taught in the country. All religions teach patriotism. (If this is the case then ‘why do Muslims refuse to sing Vande Mataram’ ? Barq should explain this. – Editor)

Editorial Perspective

As Muslims are already taught the Quran in the madarasas, then what is the need for it to be taught again in the school syllabus ?