Bihar CM apologises for his controversial remark against women

(Credits: OpIndia)

Patliputra/Patna (Bihar) – “I apologise. I withdraw my statement. I seek pardon if anyone was hurt due to my statement or me. Furthermore, I apologise for my statement and to anyone criticising me for it. I want to criticise myself. Still, if anyone criticises me, I commend that person,” stated Bihar Chief Minister (CM) Nitish Kumar on his controversial remark in the State Legislative Assembly about population control. Nitish Kumar apologised with folded hands during the Assembly session and also outside the Assembly House. He said that education was very important for controlling the population, and he only wanted to emphasise the importance of education in controlling the population rate.


BJP MLAs created pandemonium during the Assembly session while Nitish Kumar was apologising, due to which the session had to be adjourned till 2.00 p.m. CM Nitish Kumar was replying after the discussions held on the socio-economic caste survey presented in both the Houses, on the 7th of November 2023. He said that the procreation rate would be reduced if women were educated. CM also commented on the physical relationship between husband and wife, through which he wanted to make the point that the chances of pregnancy were reduced if the wife was educated, and it would help in controlling the birth rate. His statement was, however, controversial which drew flak from members of the House. Moreover, BJP MLC Nivedita Singh started crying at the statement of CM Nitish Kumar. She said that she felt ashamed.

Apologising is not a solution ! – National Commission for Women  

Mrs Rekha Sharma, the Chairperson of the National Commission for Women, said that the remark made by CM Nitish Kumar in the State Legislative Assembly was crass and fit to be in a ‘C’-grade film. He made such a statement in front of all the men and women members present there, and the worst thing was, that the men were laughing at the remark. Today, he has apologised, but only apologising is not a solution. The Speaker of the House should take action against him.

BJP leader Sushil Kumar Modi said, though Nitish Kumar has apologised, the whole of Bihar is feeling ashamed. How could he dare to make such a remark ? Only apologising will not help, he should stand in front of all women with folded hands.