Reciting Ganapati Stuti is blindfaith : Panditaradhya Shivacharya Swami’s anti-Hindu statement

Chitradurga (Karnataka) – Reciting Ganapati Stuti is an andha shraddha or superstition. Reciting Basavanna’s (the founder of the Lingayat Society) vachanas is true prayer. (Lingayat sect is a part of Hindu Dharma; but the so-called Swamis like Shivacharya try to distance that sect from the Hindu Dharma by calling the Hindu Deities as a superstition – Editor). Panditaradhya Shivacharya Swami after inaugurating the National Natya Mahotsav by hoisting the Shiva flag, said that the programme could be started after singing Basavanna’s vachanas.

Swami said Ganapati is an imaginary Deity. It is a God that was born on the occasion of the Independence movement. A Deity created through these external things is not God or Deity. A lot of people believe that any programme whether at home or outside should be begun with a puja and recitation of Ganapati shlokas and stotras. Instead of that they should recite Basavanna’s vachanas as prayers. (Everyone prays and does puja according to his/her faith and spiritual emotion. Insisting that they should not do that but do what I say is egoistic behaviour! – Editor) True Gods are those who have good behaviour and rituals.

Editorial Perspective

So-called Swamis make such statements for fame. This is one such example. A case should be registered and strict action should be taken against them.